Friday, December 22, 2006

Triggers Explained

A couple people have posted/emailed me about how you remove the triggers, I should have really put a picture up the first time around because it IS kinda hard to explain, so here we go...

Ok, the red circle is one of the tabs you will need to get past the big black plastic "tab" that the screwdriver is wedged between.

See that arrow there? Thats what happens when you position the screwdriver too low, get the screwdriver as close to the top as you can, the only reason it is so low in the pic is because, well, its flippin' hard to take pictures one handed and hold stuff right, lol.

All you have to do is leverage the handle of the screwdriver inward (toward the trigger, not away).

Just push on it until the little tab on the trigger piece is just inside the black tab, then, while keeping pressure on it with your thumb, do the same thing for the other side.


Hope that helps!


John said...

Getting them out is easy, getting them back in is the hard part. Any tips on re-assembly?

Alcaron said...

Hmmm, for me it was the other way around. :(

I just twisted it back onto the pivot points, then just pushed it beg through the tabs.

Anonymous said...

How do we email in pics of our controller repaints? I repainted mine last night. I had to open it up anyway, so I figured, what the heck.

I painted the sticks and d-pad too, but I'm trying to find a place to email the pics to you.

Alcaron said...

My email address is a gmail account, the name is alcaron.

(trying like hell to avoid the spam bots)

Anonymous said...


I'm having trouble taking the trigger assembly apart. I understand your instructions (I think), but I do not see how you can easily put out the trigger from the long straight bar with the little hole where the trigger is inserted. I put the screwdriver where you said to but it does not release it from here. This also applies when you put it back in. Any help?

I really enjoy your site.


Anonymous said...

I had one hell of a problem getting the triggers off my controller. Partially because those "little black arms" you mentioned where white, and the only black part was what looked like the pressure sensor. Upon some research, I found elsewhere some very detailed and explicit instructions on how to remove the triggers easily.