Wednesday, June 25, 2008


SO glad he's feeling better!

Puppymonster was sick when I left for work this morning, no cage for him today, didn't have the heart. He DID manage to get past a 2ft tall barricade to go upstairs, but he promptly went into my room and laid on a pillow for most of the day it appears. Small price to pay for a healthy puppymonster!

This is how I left him in the morning, he refused to lay anywhere but on a pile of my clothes.

Then when I got home...

Hold still monkeybutt!

Good boy!

After we got back from the vet it was nap time, he flipped OUT when they tried to take his temp (don't blame him!) the nurse (?) was like "I hadn't even done anything yet, I just lifted his tail!"

I think that was my fault...when she left right before that she said she might need to take his temp, so I made the mistake of telling him "I hate to say this pal, but something might be going in your might not luck out and just get something in your ear."

I know they say he can't understand english, but I like to think everyone understands "rectal thermometer"'s like math, it's a universal language.

Nap time! (omg, ears!!!!)

He insisted on pushing against the cushion...why? Never question a puppymonster...people have died that way...

And after that brief respite...

It's terror as usual...I like it better when the sock he bites DOESN'T have my foot in it...


Unknown said...

heyaa, i just wanted to sayyy how cuteee ur puppy is!!!he is completely adorable!!! i hope hes feeling better now!i was wondering if you could tell me what breed he is cuz im thinkin of gettin a puppy n urs is sooo cutee!!!

Alcaron said...

He actually died a month after I got him. It was required by the rescue place that I got him from that he be neutered within 30 days, and he died during the operation.

It was fairly awful...

That being said, he was an AMAZING dog, and if you like WICKED smart high energy dogs, Jack Russel Terriers are great.

They get to be around 25-30lbs, and are the epitome of "big dog in a little dogs body". VERY smart, very high energy, VERY loving dogs.

The first night I had him I put him in his crate next to my bed, and he wouldn't stop barking. turns out it wasn't because he wanted out, when I put the crate on the bed, so he could see me, he was quiet as a mouse (albeit mashed up against the crate trying to get as close to me as possible).

It took all of a day before he wouldn't sleep anywhere BUT on me, but me, or on my feet.

I really miss him.